'Stirred, Not Shaken' CD


'Stirred, Not Shaken' CD

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Stirred Not Shaken CD Includes full color 8 page book with lyrics and photographs.

Track Listing:

Home For The Holidays
Everything You Need
Forgot To Forget
Do You Know?
I Might Not Remember
Forever Ran Out Of Time
Who I Am
As If To Say


"He could have been singing about me..." - Beth Z.


"Atlanta has a new reason to celebrate, and be celebrated. That reason being… Mike Rickard. His debut CD, “Stirred Not Shaken” is a deeply sensitive, moving, and catching listen." - Stonewall Society


"Rickard’s voice is very rich and the production is very slick and modern and would stand up next to anything currently on the radio. But the lyrics and Rickard’s point of view are more original than you might find there." - Muse's Muse


"The album deals with bigger issues like love and loss by taking the mundane and transforming it into the miraculous. Scenes and tales of everyday life are conjured and conveyed, the deeper meanings of which are there for the thoughtful listener. Rickard has created and composed some riveting and rapturous work here. Stirred Not Shaken, with its glorious melodies and insightful lyrics, will leave you moved and mesmerized, courtesy of one man’s exhilarating musical journey." - Edge Boston


"Mike Rickard’s Stirred, Not Shaken is a sophisticated Pop masterpiece that is sure to evoke your emotions.  5.0 Stars" - Evolution of Media

"Stirred not Shaken, Mike Rickard’s stunning debut CD, marks the arrival of a great talent. A potent mix of styles blending Pop, Jazz, Rock and Country the emotionally stirring music travels the inner workings of the human soul, sparking reactions to issues both social and spiritual." - QMedia Reviews


"I’m naming “Stirred Not Shaken” one of my 10 best of the 2005. (****)" - Gay Chicago Magazine


"I’m always impressed by artists who can sing spiritual songs without preaching. In “Who I Am” and “As If To Say,” Rickard pours his soul out without the melodrama. He’s intense and passionate. And while the latter track is a deep, honest prayer set to music, it’s beautifully humble. He’s not preaching, he’s reaching. Whether his songs are secular or spiritual, Rickard is always stretching up on his tiptoes, trying to see the truth just over that mountain of worries and fears and insecurities." - Indie-music.com